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  • comfortable, weather-appropriate clothes and footwear for walking on grassland
  • Tomaj 105, 6221 Dutovlje; 15 minutes before the start
  • As this is an outdoor game, we will contact you in the case of a bad weather forecast 24 hours before the start.


You find yourself in the middle of gmajna, convinced you know where you are. But is this really so? The Karst is wondrous but if you do not know it really well, the way out is not that simple. Luckily, the shepherd Karlo from Tomaj has left you some clues to help you find the right way. But mind you, the Karst is mysterious – not only its landscape but also its people. Will you be able to decipher the clues?

We will take you to a typical Karst grassland called gmajna; it will enrapture you with its natural beauty. There is only a 5-minute walk down a well-trodden macadam cart track, among many typical dry stone walls. Once you get to the outdoor escape room, you will have to solve Karlo’s puzzles and riddles to find the solution.

Great fun under the Karst sky, in the Karst air, surrounded by Karst flora, with birds singing out just for you! But your time to escape is limited. Will you make it?


Make others happy with an original gift. Give an authentic group game in Karst: an escape room, an outdoor escape room or a treasure hunt!

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