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The Karst is magical and mystical, breathtaking and full of surprises. With Karra, you will not only get to know it but also enjoy it. You see, Karra and all of us who created her also live and work here. We feel the Karst, protect it, love it. We know how sensitive and unrivalled this land is. How different and unique its people are. That is why we wish to present the Karst to you in an intimate, different way, much more personally and uniquely.

Bespoke experience

Together with Karra, we help you unveil the hidden faces of the Karst. We are not into mass tourism, as we prefer to offer personalised services to our guests. Are you planning to come to the Karst for a few hours, one day, an extended weekend, several days? We are happy to organise a customised Karst experience: according to your wishes, available funds and time.

Original ‘first-hand’ proposals

We offer original, unique group games, named Karst escapes, where you can get to know better yourselves and your group as well as the Karst and the village of Tomaj. We can arrange accommodation and culinary treats for you. We can take you to boutique artisans, artists and creators from the Karst, who make a broad range of top-quality products.


The Karst is magic in all seasons. With us you will experience it much more personally and uniquely. Contact us and we will prepare a custom made Karst experience for you.

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Make others happy with an original gift. Give an authentic group game in Karst: an escape room, an outdoor escape room or a treasure hunt!

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