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  • comfortable, weather-appropriate clothes and footwear for walking through the village
  • Tomaj 105, 6221 Dutovlje; 10 minutes before the start
  • As this is an outdoor game, we will contact you in the case of a bad weather forecast 24 hours before the start.


Do you have butterflies in your stomach when you find yourself in an unknown place? Have a good eye for detail? Are you good at picking up the right clues? Recognise a trap when you see one? Then keep reading. This treasure hunt is only intended for those with excellent hunting instincts.

Tomaj has an air of serenity, but that is only at first glance. But if you think about this – the village has been inhabited for a good 3,000 years and it once was the centre of political, religious, economic, administrative, educational and cultural life – it all becomes clear to you, true treasure hunters, doesn’t it!?

In fact, Tomaj conceals many stunning secrets. On your walk through the village, you will discover them with the help of Victoria’s clues. Victoria will allow only the best, most insightful, intuitive and co-operative hunting teams to unveil her secret. Will you be one of them? And who is this Victoria? Well, you’ll have to find out. Note that she is a real woman, we haven’t invented her!


Make others happy with an original gift. Give an authentic group game in Karst: an escape room, an outdoor escape room or a treasure hunt!

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