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The Karst is a wonderful destination to get away to – and yet come closer to! Move away from your daily routine and work environment. Come closer to your colleagues and staff. In the inspiring Karst setting, strengthen interpersonal ties with your colleagues in a playful, original and entertaining way!

Bespoke team-building activities

We truly believe that team building cannot be sold in packages. Every business team is different – with its own internal dynamics, needs and wishes.

We first discuss with you all the details and then prepare a proposal for a team-building activity that is tailored to your wishes. We also consider the time and money you have available.

Our offer may include:

  • a joint thematic programme:
    • we co-operate with experts from various fields
  • group games:
  • accommodation:
    • we can arrange accommodation in the Karst according to your preferences
    • ou can choose from among caravan sites and luxury villas and everything in between (inns, tourist farms, hotels)
    • izbirate lahko med kraškimi avtokampi in luksuznimi vilami ter vsem, kar je vmes (penzioni, turistične kmetije, hoteli)
  • culinary treats:
    • in co-operation with our partners, we can organise Karst gourmet happenings according to your desires (from catering in the gmajna grassland and traditional homemade cooking to selected slow food restaurants in the area)
  • visits to selected creative people of the Karst:
    • to experience the Karst also means to experience the local people
    • we can take you to Karst makers of various top-quality products, either into their creative workshops or their homes



We know how to enthuse even business teams. How about a memorable, playful teambuilding session tailored to your desires?

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