No way is playfulness just for kids only! It is unisex, for all ages, both hemispheres, all seasons of the year. That’s why Karra and us would like you to take home a truly rewarding experience from the Karst. We won’t get you to consume tonnes of information, that’s for sure. You won’t get caught up in a horde of other tourists. We won’t guide you with headphones and an umbrella pointing up to the sky. Quite the contrary! You will become entangled in originally-designed games that will turn you into detectives and adventurers. 

Let’s play!

Experts from various fields stress that adults can learn about new things much better if they encounter them in a pleasant, interactive, playful way. Playfulness is the best mood to get to know each other better and improve co-operation. It is therefore no surprise that the principle of playification, in both tourism and team-building, has quickly been gaining ground these days.

Karra playifies the Karst

You will become entangled in originally-designed games that will turn you into detectives and adventurers. Together with your friends, you will explore the Karst by solving puzzles and riddles: the village of Tomaj, the legend of the poet Srečko Kosovel, the Karst grassland called gmajna and, very soon, also the village of Štanjel. We have created for you a treasure hunt, an escape room and an outdoor escape room.

Become an adventurer and a detective

All games are detective-adventurist in nature. Only two conditions must be met to reach the goal (to escape from the room, or find the treasure). First: you must identify the real clues and traps as well as solve all the puzzles and riddles. Second: you must do this within the time limit.

Karst rocks

Personalised and straightforward, in the real world and with real people

Escape rooms in particular, but also treasure hunts, started as computer videogames and then spread out. The player was alone, isolated from real life and real people, using an electronic device in a virtual world. And then video and computer games were transposed to the real world. You don’t search for solutions as an individual, but do this with your true ‘companions’. You will not discover the virtual world but the genuine Karst – the true nature, villages and people of the area. Why lose your time with virtual friends and virtual landscapes if the real world is the best adventure there is?

The key to success: fun and co-operation

You can only make an escape or find the treasure if you switch your mind over to co-operation mode. Our games are not designed for a single player only, but for groups. More heads are better than one – thus much more fun! You will be surprised to see your friends in a totally different light. See what they’re capable of, what you never thought possible! (Well, well, and what are your weaker points you still have to admit to yourselves. 🙂 )

Not all teams are successful in their attempt to reach the goal within the time limit. But never mind! Everyone who manages to make the best out of our games, socialise and have fun are true winners.

We can also playify your idea

We boast years of local and international experience in devising ideas, concepts and stories. We are experts on branding and brand management. We have long experience in training business teams and team building. One co-founder of Karra lectures students on storytelling.


Do you have a product or service you want to playify, but you don’t know how? We are here to help you.

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