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We use cookie technology to gather information about the traffic to the Karra.si website in order to enhance user experience and improve the user-friendliness of our website. By browsing Karra.si, you consent to our use of cookies. This content aims to explain clearly what cookies are and what their purpose is.


A cookie is a small text file that a website automatically assigns to or sends to the user’s browser (if the website uses cookies). When a user revisits the website using the same browser, the browser sends all data stored in the cookie to the website which recognises the user’s past browsing activities. Web cookies do not contain viruses or other malicious codes.



Persistent cookies

They remain on the user’s browser even after it is closed and the session completed. Websites use cookies to store information about registration, choice of language or analysis of web traffic. These cookies can be stored for days, months or years.

Session cookies

They are stored until the user closes the browser or the session. Websites use them to store temporary information. This information can be items in the shopping cart, improved security of online banking or information about website traffic.

The Karra.si website uses the following cookies:

The PHPSESSID cookie is essential for the proper functioning of the website and enables saving of sessions between individual requests.

The Google Analytics cookies (_utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmz) are used to measure and analyse how users interact with website content. Read more here.

The TripAdvisor cookies (ATravelinfo, TASession, TAUnique, ServerPool, CM, PMC, TAUD, TACSK, TACds) are used to connect our website with the TripAdvisor website. Read more here.



Most web browsers enable you to adjust your cookie settings. You can reject or accept cookies using a function embedded in web browsers. If you reject cookies, you can continue using our website, but some subpages will not function.

If you choose to reject cookies used by this website, you can do this by adjusting the settings in your browser or activating the rejection below. Before you reject the cookies, please note that certain features of this website may not function as they were intended to.

As there are different browsers, we recommend that to manage or delete cookies in your browser, you consult www.aboutcookies.org which explains, step by step, how to manage or delete cookies in most browsers.

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