Although the magical Karst contains hidden treasures, we don’t hide much. Jurij and Vojka moved to the Karst in 2006. The reasons for moving were ‘simple’. First: life in the capital city (and north of it) was no longer satisfying. Second: the Karst is wondrous. It enchanted us with its climate and magical landscape. Once we developed our roots here, we were enraptured by its astonishing heritage and people. Come to meet us in the Karst and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

Jurij, Vojka and Karra

Jurij and Vojka take the Karst very seriously. We don’t just spend our weekends on visits, we have moved our entire life here. We still do for a living what we used to do. Jurij, a doctor by profession, works as a consultant in the healthcare sector and pharmaceutical industry. Vojka, a journalist by profession, is a communication strategist, creative director and lecturer. Our company – named “Ideas, Concepts and Stories” – inspires us to create stories inspired by the very Karst. Among them are the Mmm Beatrice marmalades and the Kraške zapeljivke” (Karst Temptations) event. And now Karra has joined them.

The origins of Karra

Don’t you have enough work already? Yes, we do. But Karra is not just our work, it accompanies our spare time, relaxation and joy. (Well, yes, sometimes also stress, grumbling and not enough sleep). We love to travel and love discovering local gems. We are particularly overwhelmed by the ‘small things’ that happen spontaneously, sincerely, ‘from me to you’. We’ll never forget our wedding in a secluded rural village in the middle of Sardinia. Why? Not only due to the beautiful witnesses to our marriage, the scenic landscape, or the climate. There was also wonderful food, fragrances, soft light everywhere, the exploring of hidden nooks. And chiefly because of the locals. Although we met them for the first time, they greeted us so warmly and hosted us with their arms and hearts wide open. With immense pride and dignity they showed us their wealth – the mountains, the fields, the plantations, the sky, the sun and the stars. And they had created everything from all of this over the millennia. It was then that we made a wish: “When we ‘grow up’, we’ll be like them”. These are also the origins of Karra.

Unveil the hidden Karst with Karra

The Karst is bountiful, too. We are only within a stone’s throw from the sea, so the good climate allows us to enjoy outdoor activities all year round. We boast breathtaking natural phenomena recognised as unique by experts. We have inherited thousand-year-old stories, written in various languages, cultures and systems. We take pride in our famous historical figures from the Karst who wrote their names in history in gold letters. Today, we are enthralled by the wide range of top-quality products and artefacts made by contemporary artisans and artists from the Karst. And of course: everyone eats and drinks well in the Karst.

No wonder that Karra, Jurij and Vojka are also committed to being responsible and trustworthy ambassadors of the authentic Karst.

Karra – special, creative, uniting

Together with Karra, we’ll help you explore the Karst in an unparalleled way. Be ready for this out-of-the-ordinary experience:

  • playful, entertaining, active
    • in three “Karst escape” games you and your companions will learn more about the Karst, the village of Tomaj (soon to be joined by some more villages) by solving amusing puzzles and riddles
    • enjoy this amazing group fun and take the opportunity to get to know each other better
  • comprehensive
  • authentic
    • we can take you to visit Karst makers of top-quality products – right to their creative workshops, into their homes
  • personal
    • we personally cater to our guests’ needs; that’s why Karra is boutique and unique
    • the Karst from a local’s perspective
    • we live and work here, so you can explore the Karst like a true ‘insider’
  • tailor-made
    • we listen to your wishes and prepare bespoke Karst experiences for you

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