To experience the Karst also means to experience the local people. Karra is a local, from Tomaj, and she knows the selected creative people of the Karst in person. It will be our pleasure to introduce you to those who recreate the Karst’s pulse of life and creation in their original works of art and products.

Creative men and women from the Karst

The Karst provides passion-packed inspiration for artists and other creators. It is home to many different creative people who make boutique Karst marmalades, chutneys and tomato sauces as well as delicacies from Karst goat milk, hemp, lavender and herbs. They will seduce you with their Karst honey, liquors and brandies, the Teran wine and prosciutto. You will admire their jewellery, home products, stone and wood creations and much more.

Visit the leading creative people of the Karst

It is only if you can link a product with its maker that the creation attains its full meaning and reveals its unique character. We will take you to boutique Karst homes or workshops where artisans and artists make a wide range of exquisite products. You will have the chance to talk personally to local artists and craftsmen, look at their products (or even try them) and also buy them.


Contact us and we’ll prepare a bespoke proposal for you to help you learn about the authentic Karst via its local creators.

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