Karra is your personal host and the creator of extraordinary experiences. She dwells in the village of Tomaj, in the midst of the mysterious and mystical Karst. She has a strong detective streak and adores escape rooms and treasure hunts. She loves good cuisine and authentic adventures.


Karra is not part of mass tourism seeking to attract nameless guests. What she has to offer is personalised and special, and her ways are original and inventive. She is one of a kind, offbeat. She is the first to offer such experiences in the Karst. Want to creatively and actively unveil the hidden Karst? Welcome to Karra!

Karst building

The Karst Lady

Karra is from the Karst. Her name originates from there. Namely, the word Karst is derived from the Proto-Indo-European root karra (stone). She lives in Tomaj, a treasure among Karst villages. This is reflected in her logo design. It shows an abstract version of the heart-shaped centre of Tomaj. Karra’s heartiness, emotions and personal approach are her best emblems. If you wish to unveil the hidden Karst in an enigmatic, authentic and personalised way, then welcome to Karra!


Karra Karst rock wall

A promotion of this project, with which we want to unveil the hidden Karst to all, who appreciate the authentic, unique, personal experience, is co-financed also by Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund. More: www.eu-skladi.si.


We will gladly prepare a unique Karst experience, custom made exactly for you and your friends. Contact us, we are happy to be at your disposal.

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