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  • as if you were in your living room :)
  • Tomaj 12, 6221 Dutovlje; 10 minutes before the start
  • The game is played indoors, regardless of the weather.


What links these people: Stephen Crane, Anne Brontë, Thomas Chatterton, John Keats, James Dean and Srečko Kosovel? They all died younger than 30 and were all written down in gold letters in the history of creators. Yet it is only Srečko Kosovel who has his own escape room in the village where he lived and died!

Tomaj is the home of the Slovenian poet Srečko Kosovel. In the centre of our village, in the thrilling escape room, an amazing discovery is awaiting you about this poet, publicist, critic and one-of-a-kind conceptualist and avant-garde mind from the early 20th century. It will surprise those who believe they know everything about Kosovel and those who do not know him yet.

Remember: Srečko Kosovel is not only a person. Srečko Kosovel is an icon, a legend. Do you dare to come face to face with a legend?


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